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Felix Gonzalez-Torres (Artist) 2/28


Perfect Lovers

Take-Away project

Billboard Project

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled (Placebo), 1991, Museum of Modern Art.


Félix González-Torres was an American, "process-based" artist, born in Cuba, whose installations were widely acclaimed before and after his death, in 1996. Torres' work is often based on viewer participation. For example, in one of his installations, the viewers are welcomed to take the work, (a large stack of paper). The ideas are thought to have focused around regenerative life. Torres work, Perfect Lovers, pictured above, emphasizes time as something looming. This work was made in reference to him losing his partner to AIDS. Torres also died of AIDS.


He liked leaving things open to interpretation. . . ."

Cook, Greg. "Félix González-Torres." The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research. Web. 02 Mar. 2011. .

"At this point I do not want to be outside the structures of power, I do not want to be the opposition, the alternative. Alternative to what? To power? No. I want to have power. It’s effective in term of change. I want to be like a virus that belongs to the institution. All the ideological apparatuses are, in other words, replicating themselves, because that’s the way culture works. So if I function as a virus, an imposter, an infiltrator, I will always replicate myself together with those institutions."


I find some of my concepts relatable to those of Torres. His installations are much different in form and intended purpose than my work, however, I find myself relating my concepts of permanence and regeneration to his. I find especially similar my new video and Torres' Perfect Lovers installation. The clocks are no longer a reference tool in this work. Rather, they become a looming reminder, imposing on the viewer a sense of pending doom. This concept is similar to what I am saying in the video piece I am working on. The measuring device, as a tool used to measure human failure, holds a new power in the context of time.



Félix González-Torrez Foundation

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  1. however, I find myself relating my concepts of permanence and regeneration to his. Classic Sempstress